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The Protection Pros offer real spy gear for adults hundreds of covert hidden nanny cams for you to choose from. We have a wide variety of security cameras and surveillance cameras, hidden cameras, spy equipment, spy cameras & nanny cam and more.
The Protection Pros clients include Government agencies, private investigators, small and large businesses, home owners, professionals and your average person.  We have a wide variety of  real spy gear covert cameras to watch over your children. Choose a hidden nanny cam, hidden camera to use in the office or home. We have spy equipment that can be used in almost any application.
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Keep your kids safe with nanny cams!
Below you will find some tips on all to protect your children with nanny cams.  
All across the country nannies are being caught on camera every day! They are mistreating and abusing children that are being trusted into their care. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare you leave you children home alone with a nanny that you thought you could trust and the next you know something terrible has happened and your child  has been hurt and in some cases they have been killed by the nanny the one you hired! Place a nanny cam in your home and know what is going on when you are not there. Nanny cams are becoming a part of the everyday household with children!  
Not all nannies are out to abuse or neglect your children but some are so having a nanny cam with give you peace of mind knowing you can keep an extra set of eyes on your loved ones and kids. With a nanny cam you can make the sure the nanny is not only harming your children but also taking care of them the one you asked them to, making sure they are changing diapers, feeding them , interacting with them all the things you require of them.  
Nanny cams are simple to operate and you can set up in any or several rooms of the house. Maybe put one in the room that the children and nanny will be in most often but it is also wise to have one in the child’s room where they play and sleep because the nanny will most likely be in that room just as often. You can have a nanny cam in a variety of ordinary household items such as wall clocks, radios, air humidifiers there are so many options to choose from. In some cases you can add audio to the nanny cam but in most states if you are going to have audio & video you must tell the person that is being recorded however this is not always a bad thing to let a nanny know because even if they know they are being watched they will forget at some point so if they were to do something bad to your child you will have on record.  
Some parents trust their nanny’s and don’t want to invade their privacy but these are your children we are talking about and you have to peace knowing your kids are safe even if your nanny is really a good person and would never harm your children at least you have extra security! Some nanny’s expect some kind of security and they are ok with that because all nannies are not out to harm your children but you can never be too safe install a nanny cam today!  
Do you know if your child is being left in the high chair or play pen or laying in the bed all day? Is your nanny feeding your children? Taking proper care of them? Playing and interacting with them? Mistreating them in anyway or just not taking proper care of them? Install a couple of nanny cams throughout your home and make sure! Go to work, run errands, go to a movie and dinner with the peace of mind that you are watching the nanny with a nanny cam that is taking care of your kids.  
We have a large variety of nanny cams to choose from in different items that will work to keep your kids safe. You an even choose a nanny cam that you can watch from work while your kids are home with the nanny these nanny cams are IP nanny cams and you can watch what is going on at home from your computer at work or your phone on the way home!   Be safe and keep your kids safe….peace of mind knowing are kids are being taken care of is the most important thing to a parent…so order your nanny cam today and STOP worrying!   Visit or call us at The Protection Pros  317-861-9949